Wireless TV Speaker | SPK-1000FM
Wireless TV Speaker | SPK-1000FM

Wireless TV Speaker | SPK-1000FM

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If headphones aren’t a comfortable listening device for you, then the SPK-1000FM Wireless TV Speaker is what you need. You can set the speaker as close to you as you’d like to ensure you are hearing the television as well as you want or need to. It will transmit audio wirelessly from the TV through a radio frequency to the speaker. The good thing is – the speaker base and the speaker do not have to be in the same room to work, so you can carry the speaker around the house with you and not miss out on a word of the program you are watching.

We stand behind every product we sell and want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your wireless speaker, you can receive a full refund, including shipping, by contacting us at support@audiorange.com. The speaker also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Everything you need to work your SPK-1000FM Wireless TV Speaker is included in the box. Once you get it out and set up, it will take about six hours for the speaker to fully charge. But it can last for up to eight hours on a single charge. If the TV is turned off and the speaker isn’t receiving an audio signal, it will automatically shift into standby mode to help conserve the battery power.

The wireless speaker can be installed using digital or analog outputs and will transmit audio as long as it is within 100 feet of the base. What’s more, the receiver can be paired with up to 50 other speakers, so you can add speakers in the rooms of your home you use the most.

What's In the box?

  • Wireless Headphone
  • Docking Station
  • AC Adapter
  • 5mm/RCA Cable
  • Optical Cable

 If you have a pacemaker, consult your doctor or physician before using this product.


How do I know this works with my TV?

The AudioRange SPK-1000FM Wireless TV Speaker is compatible with nearly every TV on the market. It can be connected to your TV with analog or digital outputs. If you’d like to check to see if it will work with your TV – you’ll find the list of compatible TV brands and models, streaming services and devices here. here

How do I set it up?

Set-up is easy but you’ll have to charge the speaker first. You’ll find everything you need included in the package to charge and use the speaker. For full set-up and installation instructions, click here.

Can I use my headphones while traveling?

The simple answer is yes. Your AudioRange SPK-1000FM Wireless TV Speaker comes in a package compact enough that it’s easy to pack. When you get to your destination – just go through the same set-up instructions you used at home for the speaker to work properly.

Can I use my hearing aids with this listening device?

The simple answer is yes, your hearing aids should be compatible with the AudioRange SPK-1000FM Wireless TV Speaker.


Technical Specifications

  • Operating wattage: 1x5 W speaker
  • Frequency response (2.46G): 2.4 GHz radio frequency
  • Charge time: 6+ hours
  • Operating range (2.4G): 100 feet
  • AC adapter power: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz input; 9VDC 1.5A output
  • Usage time: 8 hours (50% volume) with 2.4G; 5 hours (50% volume) with FM

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