How to use the ITE-1000

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First slide the power button located on the back of the transmitter to mono or stereo. Then press the power button top of the headset.

Slide the dial on the top of the headset hub labeled ‘Vol’ to adjust the volume on your device.

Built into the headset is a mic that will mute TV audio and amplify surrounding audio. To amplify audio outside of the headset, press the MIC button on the back of the headset.

Use the balance screwdriver provided and rotate adjustment screw on the back side of the headset.

Locate and remove the cover on the back of the headset. Remove the old battery. And discard of it properly. Insert the new battery with the +\– pins lining up.

To remove worn earbuds, grasp the earbud with your index finger and thumb. Then rotate and pull. Do not just pull the earbud off as it may rip. To install the new earbud, push and twist the new one onto the headset.



  • Increase the volume on your headset
  • Increase the volume on your TV
  • Reset the dock by unplugging the device and turn off headphones. After 60seconds plug dock in and turn on headphones.
  • RMake sure cables are plugged in appropriately to the back of dock and TV. Refer to step 1 of the setup guide
  • Check the audio being outputted by the TV. Refer to step 4 to make sure TV audio is set to external speaker.
  • If TV uses Dolby Sound or PCM, turn off Dolby Sound and PCM and try the headset again.
  • If Surround sound (5.1) is selected, set audio to a non-surround sound option.
  • If you are using a streaming device’s such as Netflix TV, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or a Smart TV, adjust the audio output settings to Stereo or Linear PCM output.

If you wish to mute the TV and only use headset audio, the transmitter will have to be plugged into the TV itself, not the cable or TV box.


  • Headphones are too far from the dock. Move closer to the dock or change the position of the dock.
  • Dock’s signal might be blocked. Do not place dock inside cabinets and place the dock away from other electronic devices except for the TV it is connected too.
  • Charge the headphone, battery may be low.


  • Check to see that the AC adapter is properly connected to the dock.
  • Make sure the headphones are correctly placed on the dock. The charge indicator lights up RED.
  • The headphone’s contact pins and/or the dock contact pins need cleaning. Use a dry cotton swab to clean them.

Wi-fi routers and the headset transmitter operate on the same frequency. If you notice wi-fi issues then move the transmitter further away from your router.

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