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Do you want to…

Listen to the TV speakers and headphones at different volumes

Hear every word of your favorite shows

Stop the TV from disturbing others

Designed for mild to moderate hearing loss

  • Proudly designed in North Carolina
    • Proudly designed in North Carolina
    • Design
    • Hearing aid compatible
    • Built-in microphone button acts like a hearing aid
    • Adjustable voice clarifying dial + balance controls
      • Wireless TV Headphones | OTE-1000
      • Traditional + Familiar
      • Yes
      • N/A
      • N/A
      • ITE-1000 Wireless TV Listening System
      • Lightweight + Full Featured
      • N/A
      • Yes
      • Yes

    Our Bestsellers

    Audio Range vs “Other” Bluetooth Headsets

    With AudioRange products...

    You and your loved ones can adjust the TV and headphone volume separately, so everyone can enjoy TV together.

    • No complicated pairing or passwords
    • Up to 100 ft range through walls and ceilings
    • Compatible with 99% of TVs from 1990 to today
    • No smartphone app required to use or adjust
    • No annoying audio lip sync delays

    Did you know?

    With Bluetooth, you can only hear through the headset OR the TV speakers -- not both.

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