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review stars Wireless TV Speaker | SPK-1000FM

If headphones aren’t a comfortable listening choice for you, then the SPK-1000FM Wireless TV Speaker is what you need. You can place the speaker as close to you as you’d like to hear the television.

It’s also easily moveable! The TV and speaker don’t have to be in the same room to work, so you can carry the speaker around the house with you or outside and not miss out on a word of the program you’re watching.


  • No Pairing Required
  • Wireless range up to 100 feet
  • Rechargeable with up to 8 hours of use
  • Easy to toggle between TV audio and FM radio
  • Supports TVs with either digital optical or analog outputs
  • Up to 50 speakers can work with just one base, so you can add additional speakers to rooms you use most
  • Connects to virtually all TVs, streaming services, and devices
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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Lifetime Technical Support
  • US Based Customer Service