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review stars ITE-1000 Replacement Eartips

To maximize comfort and fit, the ITE-1000 headsets are compatible with 4 unique eartips. From various materials and unique styles, there's surely an eartip that you'll fall in love with!

Comfort+ Eartips

Our most comfortable eartips ever! Made from durable hypoallergenic silicone and designed to fit all ears, AudioRange Comfort+ eartips are 10% louder and help reduce the weight of the ITE-1000 headset. Try them today!

  • Includes 3 pairs (6 total)

Premium Memory Foam Eartips

For maximum comfort, the tightest and best fit, and ultimate performance, we recommend our AudioRange Premium Memory Foam Earbuds. These are an even more upgraded version of our standard memory foam earbuds. 

  • Includes 4 pairs (8 total)

Memory Foam Eartips

AudioRange Memory Foam Earbuds are a comfortable, long-wearing alternative to the standard rubber earbuds that come with the AudioRange ITE-1000 In-Ear TV Headphones.

Our memory foam earbuds use body-activated heat technology to mold the earbud within your ear canal and provide a secure, comfortable fit for as long as you want to wear them. 

  • Includes 4 pairs (8 total)

Rubber Eartips

AudioRange Rubber Earbuds offer a standard fit and comfort for your ITE-1000 In-Ear TV Headphones. Our earbuds are made of the highest quality and most durable rubber silicone and are designed to last, resisting normal wear and tear well. 

  • Includes 4 pairs (8 total)


How to Replace Eartips

Replacing the eartips of your ITE-1000 headset is easy. Simply grab the old eartips between your thumb and index finger, rotate it gently, while pulling it off. To install the new eartips, push and rotate it onto the new headset.

Check out the video: https://audiorange.com/pages/ite-1000-support

For the best audio quality and comfort, we recommend replacing eartips every 30 days.


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