How to use the SPK-1000FM

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Rotate the on/off volume control knob to the on position.
The wireless audio transmission or FM mode indicator light will turn on, depending on the mode selected.

Rotate the on/off volume control knob toward the + icon to make the volume louder.
Turn the knob towards the - icon to make the volume quieter.

Place the speaker on top of the base, and make sure it is lined up properly. The charging indicator light will blink while it’s charging.
When fully charged, the speaker will have up to 8 hours of usage time.

You can set the tone control to a position that allows you to enhance the audio. Turn the tone adjustment on the back of the speaker to TV to better understand dialog, or to music for hi-fi music listening.

Plug your headphones into the jack with the headphone icon, located on the back of the speaker.
No sound will play from the speaker. Adjust the headphone volume by rotating the on/off volume control knob.

You can quickly disconnect the speaker from your TV’s audio and switch to FM mode. Start by rotating the on/off volume control knob to on and adjust the volume.
Rotate the mode switch to FM mode, and the FM mode indicator light on the front of the speaker will turn on.
Detach the FM pull rod antenna located on the back of the speaker, and pull on the top of the antenna to elongate it.

Rotate the tuning knob on the front of the speaker to select your favorite FM radio station.
IMPORTANT: The FM Radio’s audio quality is dependent on outside factors such as signal strength, signal clarity, and weather. For a stronger signal it is recommended to place the radio near a window.

Press and hold the pairing button located on the bottom back of the speaker for 5 seconds, until the 2.4G indicator light starts blinking.
Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the base until the power indicator starts blinking. The base should pair with the speaker within 2 seconds. Once paired, the 2.4G indicator light on the new speaker will stop blinking and audio will play within 5 seconds.
It may take up to 20 seconds to pair.



  • Make sure volume is turned up on the TV.
  • Increase the volume on your TV
  • Make sure cables are plugged in appropriately to the back of base and TV. The power indicator on the base will light up if the AC adapter is properly connected.
  • Check that the dock is switched to the correct mode, 2.4G or FM. Refer to step 1a or 1b of the setup guide
  • The audio is being outputted by the TV. Refer to step 4 to make sure TV audio is set to external speaker.
  • Make sure the speaker is fully charged. The low battery/charging indicator light will blink if the speaker needs to be charged.
  • Make sure that wireless speaker is within 100 feet of the base.
  • Speaker is too far from the base. Move the speaker closer to the base or change the position of the base.
  • Base signal may be blocked. Keep base away from all electronic devices except the TV it is connected to. Do not place base inside cabinets.
  • Charge the speaker, the battery may be low.


  • Check to see that the AC adapter is properly connected to the base.
  • Make sure the speaker is correctly placed on the base. The charge indicator should blink while it is charging. Use a dry cotton swab and/or paper towel to clean the top of the base and bottom of the speaker.
  • If you hear static on FM station, adjust tuning knob to find a clear signal.
  • The FM signal will be stronger if the radio signal tower is close to the speaker. Inclement weather may also reduce the FM signal clarity.
  • If a FM station that is normally clear produces static, adjust the antenna and move the speaker close to a window.

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