How to use the OTE-1000

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Press and hold the POWER button for three seconds until the blue LED indicator turns on.

Press and hold the POWER button again for three seconds until the blue LED indicator turns off.

Press the (+) button to raise the volume and press the (-) to lower the volume.

Press the middle button with dot (•) for 2 seconds to mute the headphones. Press again to unmute.

Begin by sliding the headphones onto the dock. Make sure that the charging pins on the dock and the headphones line up. When charging, the dock’s charge indicator will be red.

You should feel a small click once the headphones are correctly positioned. Do not force the headphones onto the dock as this may damage the charging pins.

When fully charged, the headphones will have up 10 hours of usage time.

The band connecting the two ear phones can be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit. Loosen the band if the headphones feel too tight. Tighten the headphones for a snug fit.



  • Reset the dock by unplugging the device and turn off headphones. After 60 seconds plug dock in and turn on headphones.
  • Make sure volume is turned up on the TV.
  • Make sure cables are plugged in appropriately to the back of dock and TV. Refer to steps 1a or 1b of the setup guide. Check that the dock is switched to ANALOG or DIGITAL depending on your connections.
  • Check the audio being outputted by the TV. Refer to step 4a or 4b to make sure TV audio is set to external speaker.
  • Make sure the headphones are fully charged.


  • Headphones are too far from the dock. Move closer to the dock or change the position of the dock.
  • Dock’s signal might be blocked. Do not place dock inside cabinets and place the dock away from other electronic devices except for the TV it is connected too.
  • Charge the headphone, battery may be low.


  • Check to see that the AC adapter is properly connected to the dock.
  • Make sure the headphones are correctly placed on the dock. The charge indicator lights up RED.
  • Plug the AC adapter directly into the headphones to see if they work using the micro-usb port.
  • The headphone’s contact pins and/or the dock contact pins need cleaning. Use a dry cotton swab to clean them.

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