AudioClear Wireless TV Headphones

AudioClear Wireless TV Headphones

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Treat yourself to an immersive experience while watching your favorite shows and movies. The AudioClear Wireless TV Headphones deliver high-quality audio at the optimum sound level. Feel free to enjoy other activities throughout the home while maintaining a strong audio connection within 50 feet of the transmitter. Our wireless headphones are built to reduce background noise and deliver a custom listening experience that everyone in the home can enjoy.


  • Headphones work wirelessly up to 50 ft. from transmitter
  • Charging dock doubles as transmitter
  • No audio distortion
  • Low-latency transmitter for limited audio delay
  • Easy-access volume switch on headphones
  • Full charge offers 20 hours of use

Hear Clearly at a Comfortable Volume

If you struggle from moderate to severe hearing loss, it can be difficult to understand TV dialogue or low audio. Instead of turning your TV volume up high, the AudioClear Headphones let you hear your TV clearly and adjust the volume to suit your needs.

Headphones Designed for Comfort

The AudioClear Headphones rest under your chin so it’s a more comfortable experience than wearing over-ear headphones for a long period of time. With this design, the volume controls are easily accessible at the bottom. Using in-ear buds, the headphones will stay put and feel natural.


Can I use the headphones while my family listens through TV audio?

The AudioClear Headphones help the entire household enjoy a better watch experience. The headset user can customize their volume while other members can still enjoy the TV’s speaker volume. You can also put the TV on mute if you only want to use the headphone audio. Up to two headphones can connect to the transmitter.

Do I need to purchase additional cables to connect to my TV?

Everything you need comes in your AudioClear packaging. The headset comes with a USB wall charger, and the transmitter has a RCA cable to plug directly into your TV. Consult your user manual for additional setup information.